Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Getting up to speed
What things have gone wrong

The following are major events that have been experienced over the last few months, sadly I was unable to update the page due to laziness and other factors.

  • Ignus turned to diablerie and was killed after his evil was discovered.
  • The characters encountered Maugrim, one of the Black Saints. He slew Steve, a much beloved grog, and left. The party have vowed revenge.
  • They have discovered that the golem straddles more than one plane of existence and in another a powerful, if psychotic, queen rules from a spider the size of a city. She has offered a boon to anyone who moves the golem.
  • Iridia has bargained 3 days of her life to Oghma queen of Autumn.
  • They have rescued Scorpius of Criamon, a magus alive when Maugrim turned into a Black Saint.
  • Ponderus has been seen naked by most of the covenant, after pissing Aurelia off.
A song of Fire and Water
When Ignus asks for a favour

Ignus, after training with Tyrannia of Flambeau, was instructed to collect for her an arcane connection to her ancient rival Calethesa, the great water dragon.

Returning to the covenant he enlisted the aid of:-

  • Ferus of Verditus
  • Baradur of Bjoernear
  • Janken
  • Brother Adolphus

To each of them he promised a single boon in payment.

They made their way to the great lake of Heigr, where they found a magical regio by stepping through the reflection of the full moon. This regio appeared to be a magical temple to the “great mistress”, seemingly the water dragon.

There they engaged in trials learning that:-

  1. To follow the path of the mistress one must be honourable and rely on their own strength.
  2. Punishment should fit the crime, devoid of morality or circumstance.

In addition they discovered the third layer of the regio by nearly drowing in a tower. In this new place they found glowing crystals, pure water and strange glowing jellyfish swimming through the air.

They also met Calethesa, who appeared to be severely injured. The party, having decided to uncharacteristically resolve things diplomatically, learned that she had been attacked by an aspect of the Abyssal dragon Vorgatrix and a magus wielding a flaming sword that cut through her magic resistance with ease. This magus was female and hidden from Calethesa somehow.

The party agreed to take shifts helping her heal. Starting with Baradur and his apprentice Samantha (the destroyer).

The others returned to the covenant, with Janken pocketing an arcane connection for Ignus.

So far the following boons have been requested:-

  • A magical forge – For Ferus
  • SECRET – For Baradur
  • Freedom – For Janken
Arcadian Adventures
Wherein the mages head into Faerie to find the Queen of Spring

After learning that not only has Olwen removed the protection of Spring from the covenant and surrounding village during her season, but that she has also offered a general bounty to the creatures of Faerie for the heads of the mages (other than Baradur, who has bargained his service for her for a period of time), the covenant have decided to head into the realm of spring to formally apologise for their behaviour.

They journeyed to the faerie forest to notice that it had a stronger feeling of autumn than it did spring (appropriate given that the current season was autumn) and they met a guardian of the way into faerie, a fox duelist. The fox would not let the party past unless he could be bested in battle.

Ignus, demonstrating skill with a sword (even though it was on fire) that had not been known about before, was able to (with a bit of difficulty) best the bridgemaster and the party were allowed through.

In Faerie they came across a village of Autumn where they met a number of peasants in a state of severe malnutrition, gathering food and placing them in a cart. As it turns out this food was being delivered to the nobles of Autumn, who would eat some of it and discard the rest callously, caring little for the plight of their peasantry.

They learned this by speaking to Prince Solwyn, one of the autumn princes. He learnt who they were and of the bounty on their heads and offered them a headstart before he called the hunters. Quirina bravely negotiated that there be no headstart and in exchange he give the peasants more food. Cruelly tricked by the capriciousness of the fae Solwyn accepted and provided the peasants with a single apple.

The party then escaped a hunting party of fae dogs and riders, but not before Ignus set Baradur aflame, incinerating his fur (though he was able to soak all of the damage).

Solwyn had told the party that they would need to get the key to the gateway of seasons from Cerrunos, a neutral fae who lived within a labyrinth.

The party made it to the labyrinth, which consisted of enormous stone walls overgrown with deadly thorns. Within the thorns they discovered the corpse of a Diedne mage and were able to find:-

  • A wand
  • A pouch of dessicated herbs
  • A punch of small stones with celtic runes on them
    They then followed Ponderus’s engimatic wisdom sight to lead them through the labyrinth (fortunate as no one else would have been able to manage it without going mad).

In the centre they found a castle guarded by two goblins who were easily subdued by Ponderus’s mental magics and then inside they met Cerrunos, a centaur like being made of bark and vines. He absolutely did not help them by telling them exactly where the wheel was and how to escape, absolutely not, nope, totally neutral yep.

Outside Solwyn rescued them from fae bountyhunters, but demanded of the characters information about what they were doing. The party ignored him, which he took as a personal slight and then threatened them with his bow. Baradur teleported in the way and was shot with an arrow that seemed to do no damage. However the arrow is still stuck in Baradur and he is suffering from great fatigue. Solwyn then allowed them to continue, feeling his slight was avenged.

Finally they found the gate of seasons and opened the portal to Spring, but Ponderus is convinced that they are being followed by something.

Hidden behind masks
The occasional problem with disguises

Poor Iridia discovered that someone had been impersonating her, to sleep with the women of the local village of Little Plottington. The result was an increasing number of young, unwed, women visiting the covenant to demand that she set it right.

Needless to say the women were surprised to discover that Iridia is not actually a man.

The covenant wandered the village seeking clues which eventually led them to a faerie regio where, after …erm….socialising with the local satyrs, they were able to discover that the source of the problem lay in the mask crafting of an old woman in the forest. Evidently these masks allowed the wearer to assume the identity of Iridia, as well as allowing them to be irresistible to their chosen consort.

The covenant found the old lady in a hut in the forest, through which a large tree grew. Apparently the old lady made the masks as a hobby and believed the tree gave the masks the ability to give the wearer “a single night with their one true love”.

Naturally the covenant members, largely led by Ignus, Nattermug and a hormonal Quirina, threatened with violence, slavery and some more violence just to be sure.

Unfortunately for the covenant, the old lady was actually Olwen, the faerie queen of spring in disguise, who had tricked the covenant into believing it was an old lady making masks, as opposed to her power. She had heard stories of the covenant being rash and violent and, as is her want, had decided to test them…they had failed.

Olwen has now withdrawn spring from the covenant and nearby area and has removed her protection against the forces of winter and autumn. The covenant will need to prove to her that they are not the violent thugs she believes them to be, or find a way to deal with the high sidhe court of Spring itself.


The party headed to the Whitespire tribunal, where they managed to survive for the first two days…with a few minor setbacks including:-

  • A scuffle between two of the party resulted in Ponderus taking on a medium wound. This was healed by nearby mages, but at a cost of vis and potential future favours.
  • The group half admitted to being the reason that the Order of Odin have started breaking their truce.
  • Golemsburg is now responsible for rekindling the truce and must do so by the next Tribunal.

Other points of interest.

  • The Urasen of the frozen north have now been given nominal protection by the Tribunal and are not to be molested. Debates about whether their shamans can become hermetic mages are still underway.
  • A diabolist was slain publically.
  • Quirina had an “interesting” night with Maugrim of Jerbiton and Eleanour of Mercere, whether this has led to the desired offspring is yet to be know.

The tribunal is winding down with a “grog tournament” where mages are unofficially encouraged to provide weird and wonderful enchancements to their grog to help them win the fight.

Lords and Ladies
When a local lord comes to visit the covenant, what could possibly go wrong?

Lord Stabbington came to visit the covenant, expecting to be shown around, entertained and generally to go away feeling like he had done his family duty in making sure that Dave Stabbington had been well cared for.

This did not go entirely to plan.

It began in earnest, with the magi making sure that everything was set up and ready, including warding the pantry against pests and preserving delicious venison for the meal. Baradur located an apparently magical stag for a hunt and they prepared a wonderful display for the entertainment.

Then a young girl with strange green hair arrived at the covenant, saying that she was from the kingdom of Thalassia. Quirina took her in to study her and learned that she was a magically warped human aligned with the realm of aquam.

Lord Stabbington arrived and things initially ran very smoothly.

Later that evening, the covenant was visited by some merchants from Thalassia wanting their property (Alissa, the green haired girl) back. Naturally Ignatius responded in the only way he knew how, by slaughtering them mercilessly. In their dying moments the Thalassians sounded a horn and the fog rolled in.

Lord Stabbington’s entourage was abducted by the siren slaves of the Thalassians and the mages were encouraged to go and get them back. They needed to call on Volgus, the elder magus, to remove the fog which he did and then sent the young magi to investigate.

They came across a settlement of Thalassians auctioning off the entourage, but were able to magically create pearls (the currency of Thalassia) to buy back all the peasants without any further bloodshed.

They were returned to Lord Stabbington unharmed and he agreed to donate to the covenant, but returned with his son, Dave Stabbington.

Baradur learned that young Samantha Stabbington, who was hiding in a barrel during the whole ordeal, appears to be gifted, having turned the barrel she was hiding in into a small tree after an…accident. Baradur is considering taking her as an apprentice when his arts have improved.

Draconis Rex
Bear seeking dragons for good times and mystical sorcery


  • Ignus
  • Nattermung
  • Iridia
  • Baradur


Baradur has been studying dragons, in the desire of finding out how he can use their mystical properties to create a talisman for himself. In his studies he learned that there is supposedly a dragon capable of shapeshifting that resides in the valley of Carradus.

The group headed out there on foot armed with a number of grogs. One night a bit of a kerfuffle broke out as a furious Ignus nearly incinerated the somewhat noisesome Nattermung. This was resolved by the careful application of large bears with magic resistance.

The next day the group were waylaid by the local constabulary who were searching bags for a stolen necklance, this was discovered to have been in the possession of one of the grogs. Whilst Ignus was more than happy for the grog to be arrested, Natturmung (via the use of a magic ring) was quite happy to convince them that actually it was one of the other guards that had done it…resulting in one heavily injured guard being dragged off for execution.

When they reached Carradus, they encountered Sir Alexander of Volagrund and his adviser Chattilix. Immediately the group suspected that Chattilix was not the Ex Miscelenia wizard that he claimed to be and were immediately suspicious. There suspicions were confirmed when they interupted Chattilix performing a ritual on a dragon egg and they injured him enough to reveal his true form, that of a monstrous warped dragon. He escaped through a hole in the universe and was gone.

Arkliss, the dragon, was greatful for the aid that was rendered to her young and agreed to spend a few seasons at the covenant answering questions on dragons, until her young had hatched at which point she would likely leave. To prevent panic she has assumed the form of a young woman of plain appearance distinguishable as a dragon only by her lizard like amber eyes.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
Books and Dryads

The party:

  • Irida of Ex Miscellania
  • Quirina of Tytalus
  • Lord Dave Stabbington III (no really)
  • Morg
  • Nattermug the “bard”
  • Eleanor of Mercere (Redcap)

The group headed out towards the village of Willowvale in search of a book, unfortunately no one decided to check that Eleanor, the navigator, actually knew where she was going. The end result was that the group got unknowingly lost in the middle of no where and managed to spend several days getting into all manner of mischief, including:-

  1. They encountered a young girl seemingly being attacked by three armed men. When Quirina quizzed them they learned that the young girl was in fact under arrest. Deciding this meant her life was forfeit (who needs evidence or even a passable understanding of the crime) Lord Stabbington decided to cut her in twain. It was later learned that she had been possessed by an abyssal entity, which also seemed to affect lord Stabbington for a while. It has since seemingly gone missing, perhaps destroyed…although Nattermung has lost the lovely gold he “liberated” from the corpses of the guardsmen that Stabbington murdered.
  2. They encountered “Old Meg” a hag in the bogs of a fairy forest. She briefly convinced them that she was making them a lovely delicious pie, but Nattermung saw through her illusion and then subdued her with his…erm…impressive singing voice.
  3. Feeling they were due a chance to relax, the group entered a faerie regio, there they ate a great deal of faerie food, had wild kinky sex with satyrs (well Eleanor did) before Morg casually tore the heart from a dryad, mistakenly believing Nattermung’s lies that they would return from death. They fled just as the sounds of the wild hunt could be heard.

Things of note:

  1. There seem to be an abnormal number of invisible dragons in the area.
  2. Nattermung apparently has a brother called Gattermung.
  3. Our party are far far better at lying than they are literally anything else.

Deciding it might end in less fire, the party have opted to send just their travelling scribe to make a copy of the auram book that Volgus has requested and will now tend to their wounds.

Ignus’s wounds will take 3 seasons, 1 month and 1 week to heal.

The Established Order
Being a mage isn't all fun and games

The mages of the covenant of Golemsburg were summoned by Volgus, the archmage of the covenant. There he requested that they seek for him three items required for an experiment that he is working on. The items are: The heart of a dryad, a superior tome on Auram and an enchanted stone that was stolen from the covenant by the witch Chalix (who used to be a companion there).

The group researched three possible locations where the items they sought were likely located:-

The book could potentially be found house in the nearby Abbey, famed for it’s collection of rare tomes.

The dryad’s heart would likely be found in the forest of Blackpine, where a sinister dryad is said to lure young male virgins to their deaths.

The stone could be located in the aptly named Wytchwood forest, where Chalix is said to reside with a coven of shapeshifting witches.

Spoilt for choice, the group decided to seek the stone first and sent the following people to Wytchwood:

Baradur, the warbear.
Kurden, the necromancer.
Ignus, the fire mage.
Ponderus, the mental magician.
Janken, the thief.
Brother Adolphus the scribe.

Taking the brooms they flew to the forest but were buffeted out of the air by an unnatural storm (a clear use of the stone). Upon landing, Ignus and Kurden decided that the best course of action was to smoke the witches out by incinerating the forest and began setting fire to the trees.

Disturbed by their actions, Baradur challenged Kurden for leadership by right of certamen, but was defeated by Kurden’s superior knowledge of the arts.

The group split up, leaving Ignus and Kurden to immolate the forest. Naturally the local witches were not fond of this plan and so they sent out 4 wolves and Chalix herself to attack these invaders. Ignus was heavily wounded in an attack that by all reason should have killed him and Kurden was wounded as well. In the end however they were rescued by Baradur and Ponderus charging in, with Janken dealing tremendous damage with his throwing knives.

Ponderous cursed one of the witches with a terrible overbearing fear that would not leave her for the next 4 sunrises and 4 sunsets. He also cast a sleeping spell on one of the wolves, revealing the form of a naked woman.

Baradur decided to end the battle swiftly and removed the abdomen from Chalix, slaying her instantly and allowing the group to retrieve the stone.

With the wolves defeated, Kurden slew the sleeping witch and then the group made their way deeper into the forest. There they discovered the the witches camp and were able to search through it to find three strange clay jars containing some sort of liquid, in addition to 2 pawns of herbam vis and 3 pawns of creo vis.

That night, Baradur was visited by a faerie of the forest, who asked that further damage be prevented. She gave Baradur an acorn with which to use against Kurden should he continue to destroy the forest. When they left the forest the acorn vanished.

Wizards, ale and bandits

The magi gathered in the town of Oakenwood to await a grog from Golemsburg who would provide them with their tokens and allow them to pass into the covenant. However the grog never showed.

After drinking the locals under the table and proving themselves to be a welcome addition to the area, the mages set off in search of the grog. They found his corpse, sans the tokens but were able to trace the attackers steps to a nearby bandit camp.

There they slaughtered the bandits, making them heroes in the eyes of the locals, and were mildly annoyed by a sinister stealthy figure that seemed to possess magic resistance of some kind.

It was noted that the lake by the bandits had a magical aura, which the party decided they would investigate later.

Armed with their tokens, they made it to Golemsburg, where Volgus made sure each of them had suitable accomodation.


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