Ars Magica : Golemsburg

A song of Fire and Water

When Ignus asks for a favour

Ignus, after training with Tyrannia of Flambeau, was instructed to collect for her an arcane connection to her ancient rival Calethesa, the great water dragon.

Returning to the covenant he enlisted the aid of:-

  • Ferus of Verditus
  • Baradur of Bjoernear
  • Janken
  • Brother Adolphus

To each of them he promised a single boon in payment.

They made their way to the great lake of Heigr, where they found a magical regio by stepping through the reflection of the full moon. This regio appeared to be a magical temple to the “great mistress”, seemingly the water dragon.

There they engaged in trials learning that:-

  1. To follow the path of the mistress one must be honourable and rely on their own strength.
  2. Punishment should fit the crime, devoid of morality or circumstance.

In addition they discovered the third layer of the regio by nearly drowing in a tower. In this new place they found glowing crystals, pure water and strange glowing jellyfish swimming through the air.

They also met Calethesa, who appeared to be severely injured. The party, having decided to uncharacteristically resolve things diplomatically, learned that she had been attacked by an aspect of the Abyssal dragon Vorgatrix and a magus wielding a flaming sword that cut through her magic resistance with ease. This magus was female and hidden from Calethesa somehow.

The party agreed to take shifts helping her heal. Starting with Baradur and his apprentice Samantha (the destroyer).

The others returned to the covenant, with Janken pocketing an arcane connection for Ignus.

So far the following boons have been requested:-

  • A magical forge – For Ferus
  • SECRET – For Baradur
  • Freedom – For Janken



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