Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Arcadian Adventures

Wherein the mages head into Faerie to find the Queen of Spring

After learning that not only has Olwen removed the protection of Spring from the covenant and surrounding village during her season, but that she has also offered a general bounty to the creatures of Faerie for the heads of the mages (other than Baradur, who has bargained his service for her for a period of time), the covenant have decided to head into the realm of spring to formally apologise for their behaviour.

They journeyed to the faerie forest to notice that it had a stronger feeling of autumn than it did spring (appropriate given that the current season was autumn) and they met a guardian of the way into faerie, a fox duelist. The fox would not let the party past unless he could be bested in battle.

Ignus, demonstrating skill with a sword (even though it was on fire) that had not been known about before, was able to (with a bit of difficulty) best the bridgemaster and the party were allowed through.

In Faerie they came across a village of Autumn where they met a number of peasants in a state of severe malnutrition, gathering food and placing them in a cart. As it turns out this food was being delivered to the nobles of Autumn, who would eat some of it and discard the rest callously, caring little for the plight of their peasantry.

They learned this by speaking to Prince Solwyn, one of the autumn princes. He learnt who they were and of the bounty on their heads and offered them a headstart before he called the hunters. Quirina bravely negotiated that there be no headstart and in exchange he give the peasants more food. Cruelly tricked by the capriciousness of the fae Solwyn accepted and provided the peasants with a single apple.

The party then escaped a hunting party of fae dogs and riders, but not before Ignus set Baradur aflame, incinerating his fur (though he was able to soak all of the damage).

Solwyn had told the party that they would need to get the key to the gateway of seasons from Cerrunos, a neutral fae who lived within a labyrinth.

The party made it to the labyrinth, which consisted of enormous stone walls overgrown with deadly thorns. Within the thorns they discovered the corpse of a Diedne mage and were able to find:-

  • A wand
  • A pouch of dessicated herbs
  • A punch of small stones with celtic runes on them
    They then followed Ponderus’s engimatic wisdom sight to lead them through the labyrinth (fortunate as no one else would have been able to manage it without going mad).

In the centre they found a castle guarded by two goblins who were easily subdued by Ponderus’s mental magics and then inside they met Cerrunos, a centaur like being made of bark and vines. He absolutely did not help them by telling them exactly where the wheel was and how to escape, absolutely not, nope, totally neutral yep.

Outside Solwyn rescued them from fae bountyhunters, but demanded of the characters information about what they were doing. The party ignored him, which he took as a personal slight and then threatened them with his bow. Baradur teleported in the way and was shot with an arrow that seemed to do no damage. However the arrow is still stuck in Baradur and he is suffering from great fatigue. Solwyn then allowed them to continue, feeling his slight was avenged.

Finally they found the gate of seasons and opened the portal to Spring, but Ponderus is convinced that they are being followed by something.



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