Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Draconis Rex

Bear seeking dragons for good times and mystical sorcery


  • Ignus
  • Nattermung
  • Iridia
  • Baradur


Baradur has been studying dragons, in the desire of finding out how he can use their mystical properties to create a talisman for himself. In his studies he learned that there is supposedly a dragon capable of shapeshifting that resides in the valley of Carradus.

The group headed out there on foot armed with a number of grogs. One night a bit of a kerfuffle broke out as a furious Ignus nearly incinerated the somewhat noisesome Nattermung. This was resolved by the careful application of large bears with magic resistance.

The next day the group were waylaid by the local constabulary who were searching bags for a stolen necklance, this was discovered to have been in the possession of one of the grogs. Whilst Ignus was more than happy for the grog to be arrested, Natturmung (via the use of a magic ring) was quite happy to convince them that actually it was one of the other guards that had done it…resulting in one heavily injured guard being dragged off for execution.

When they reached Carradus, they encountered Sir Alexander of Volagrund and his adviser Chattilix. Immediately the group suspected that Chattilix was not the Ex Miscelenia wizard that he claimed to be and were immediately suspicious. There suspicions were confirmed when they interupted Chattilix performing a ritual on a dragon egg and they injured him enough to reveal his true form, that of a monstrous warped dragon. He escaped through a hole in the universe and was gone.

Arkliss, the dragon, was greatful for the aid that was rendered to her young and agreed to spend a few seasons at the covenant answering questions on dragons, until her young had hatched at which point she would likely leave. To prevent panic she has assumed the form of a young woman of plain appearance distinguishable as a dragon only by her lizard like amber eyes.



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