Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Getting up to speed

What things have gone wrong

The following are major events that have been experienced over the last few months, sadly I was unable to update the page due to laziness and other factors.

  • Ignus turned to diablerie and was killed after his evil was discovered.
  • The characters encountered Maugrim, one of the Black Saints. He slew Steve, a much beloved grog, and left. The party have vowed revenge.
  • They have discovered that the golem straddles more than one plane of existence and in another a powerful, if psychotic, queen rules from a spider the size of a city. She has offered a boon to anyone who moves the golem.
  • Iridia has bargained 3 days of her life to Oghma queen of Autumn.
  • They have rescued Scorpius of Criamon, a magus alive when Maugrim turned into a Black Saint.
  • Ponderus has been seen naked by most of the covenant, after pissing Aurelia off.



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