Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Hidden behind masks

The occasional problem with disguises

Poor Iridia discovered that someone had been impersonating her, to sleep with the women of the local village of Little Plottington. The result was an increasing number of young, unwed, women visiting the covenant to demand that she set it right.

Needless to say the women were surprised to discover that Iridia is not actually a man.

The covenant wandered the village seeking clues which eventually led them to a faerie regio where, after …erm….socialising with the local satyrs, they were able to discover that the source of the problem lay in the mask crafting of an old woman in the forest. Evidently these masks allowed the wearer to assume the identity of Iridia, as well as allowing them to be irresistible to their chosen consort.

The covenant found the old lady in a hut in the forest, through which a large tree grew. Apparently the old lady made the masks as a hobby and believed the tree gave the masks the ability to give the wearer “a single night with their one true love”.

Naturally the covenant members, largely led by Ignus, Nattermug and a hormonal Quirina, threatened with violence, slavery and some more violence just to be sure.

Unfortunately for the covenant, the old lady was actually Olwen, the faerie queen of spring in disguise, who had tricked the covenant into believing it was an old lady making masks, as opposed to her power. She had heard stories of the covenant being rash and violent and, as is her want, had decided to test them…they had failed.

Olwen has now withdrawn spring from the covenant and nearby area and has removed her protection against the forces of winter and autumn. The covenant will need to prove to her that they are not the violent thugs she believes them to be, or find a way to deal with the high sidhe court of Spring itself.



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