Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Lords and Ladies

When a local lord comes to visit the covenant, what could possibly go wrong?

Lord Stabbington came to visit the covenant, expecting to be shown around, entertained and generally to go away feeling like he had done his family duty in making sure that Dave Stabbington had been well cared for.

This did not go entirely to plan.

It began in earnest, with the magi making sure that everything was set up and ready, including warding the pantry against pests and preserving delicious venison for the meal. Baradur located an apparently magical stag for a hunt and they prepared a wonderful display for the entertainment.

Then a young girl with strange green hair arrived at the covenant, saying that she was from the kingdom of Thalassia. Quirina took her in to study her and learned that she was a magically warped human aligned with the realm of aquam.

Lord Stabbington arrived and things initially ran very smoothly.

Later that evening, the covenant was visited by some merchants from Thalassia wanting their property (Alissa, the green haired girl) back. Naturally Ignatius responded in the only way he knew how, by slaughtering them mercilessly. In their dying moments the Thalassians sounded a horn and the fog rolled in.

Lord Stabbington’s entourage was abducted by the siren slaves of the Thalassians and the mages were encouraged to go and get them back. They needed to call on Volgus, the elder magus, to remove the fog which he did and then sent the young magi to investigate.

They came across a settlement of Thalassians auctioning off the entourage, but were able to magically create pearls (the currency of Thalassia) to buy back all the peasants without any further bloodshed.

They were returned to Lord Stabbington unharmed and he agreed to donate to the covenant, but returned with his son, Dave Stabbington.

Baradur learned that young Samantha Stabbington, who was hiding in a barrel during the whole ordeal, appears to be gifted, having turned the barrel she was hiding in into a small tree after an…accident. Baradur is considering taking her as an apprentice when his arts have improved.



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