Ars Magica : Golemsburg

Oh what a tangled web we weave

Books and Dryads

The party:

  • Irida of Ex Miscellania
  • Quirina of Tytalus
  • Lord Dave Stabbington III (no really)
  • Morg
  • Nattermug the “bard”
  • Eleanor of Mercere (Redcap)

The group headed out towards the village of Willowvale in search of a book, unfortunately no one decided to check that Eleanor, the navigator, actually knew where she was going. The end result was that the group got unknowingly lost in the middle of no where and managed to spend several days getting into all manner of mischief, including:-

  1. They encountered a young girl seemingly being attacked by three armed men. When Quirina quizzed them they learned that the young girl was in fact under arrest. Deciding this meant her life was forfeit (who needs evidence or even a passable understanding of the crime) Lord Stabbington decided to cut her in twain. It was later learned that she had been possessed by an abyssal entity, which also seemed to affect lord Stabbington for a while. It has since seemingly gone missing, perhaps destroyed…although Nattermung has lost the lovely gold he “liberated” from the corpses of the guardsmen that Stabbington murdered.
  2. They encountered “Old Meg” a hag in the bogs of a fairy forest. She briefly convinced them that she was making them a lovely delicious pie, but Nattermung saw through her illusion and then subdued her with his…erm…impressive singing voice.
  3. Feeling they were due a chance to relax, the group entered a faerie regio, there they ate a great deal of faerie food, had wild kinky sex with satyrs (well Eleanor did) before Morg casually tore the heart from a dryad, mistakenly believing Nattermung’s lies that they would return from death. They fled just as the sounds of the wild hunt could be heard.

Things of note:

  1. There seem to be an abnormal number of invisible dragons in the area.
  2. Nattermung apparently has a brother called Gattermung.
  3. Our party are far far better at lying than they are literally anything else.

Deciding it might end in less fire, the party have opted to send just their travelling scribe to make a copy of the auram book that Volgus has requested and will now tend to their wounds.

Ignus’s wounds will take 3 seasons, 1 month and 1 week to heal.



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