Ars Magica : Golemsburg


Wizards, ale and bandits

The magi gathered in the town of Oakenwood to await a grog from Golemsburg who would provide them with their tokens and allow them to pass into the covenant. However the grog never showed.

After drinking the locals under the table and proving themselves to be a welcome addition to the area, the mages set off in search of the grog. They found his corpse, sans the tokens but were able to trace the attackers steps to a nearby bandit camp.

There they slaughtered the bandits, making them heroes in the eyes of the locals, and were mildly annoyed by a sinister stealthy figure that seemed to possess magic resistance of some kind.

It was noted that the lake by the bandits had a magical aura, which the party decided they would investigate later.

Armed with their tokens, they made it to Golemsburg, where Volgus made sure each of them had suitable accomodation.



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