Ars Magica : Golemsburg

The Established Order

Being a mage isn't all fun and games

The mages of the covenant of Golemsburg were summoned by Volgus, the archmage of the covenant. There he requested that they seek for him three items required for an experiment that he is working on. The items are: The heart of a dryad, a superior tome on Auram and an enchanted stone that was stolen from the covenant by the witch Chalix (who used to be a companion there).

The group researched three possible locations where the items they sought were likely located:-

The book could potentially be found house in the nearby Abbey, famed for it’s collection of rare tomes.

The dryad’s heart would likely be found in the forest of Blackpine, where a sinister dryad is said to lure young male virgins to their deaths.

The stone could be located in the aptly named Wytchwood forest, where Chalix is said to reside with a coven of shapeshifting witches.

Spoilt for choice, the group decided to seek the stone first and sent the following people to Wytchwood:

Baradur, the warbear.
Kurden, the necromancer.
Ignus, the fire mage.
Ponderus, the mental magician.
Janken, the thief.
Brother Adolphus the scribe.

Taking the brooms they flew to the forest but were buffeted out of the air by an unnatural storm (a clear use of the stone). Upon landing, Ignus and Kurden decided that the best course of action was to smoke the witches out by incinerating the forest and began setting fire to the trees.

Disturbed by their actions, Baradur challenged Kurden for leadership by right of certamen, but was defeated by Kurden’s superior knowledge of the arts.

The group split up, leaving Ignus and Kurden to immolate the forest. Naturally the local witches were not fond of this plan and so they sent out 4 wolves and Chalix herself to attack these invaders. Ignus was heavily wounded in an attack that by all reason should have killed him and Kurden was wounded as well. In the end however they were rescued by Baradur and Ponderus charging in, with Janken dealing tremendous damage with his throwing knives.

Ponderous cursed one of the witches with a terrible overbearing fear that would not leave her for the next 4 sunrises and 4 sunsets. He also cast a sleeping spell on one of the wolves, revealing the form of a naked woman.

Baradur decided to end the battle swiftly and removed the abdomen from Chalix, slaying her instantly and allowing the group to retrieve the stone.

With the wolves defeated, Kurden slew the sleeping witch and then the group made their way deeper into the forest. There they discovered the the witches camp and were able to search through it to find three strange clay jars containing some sort of liquid, in addition to 2 pawns of herbam vis and 3 pawns of creo vis.

That night, Baradur was visited by a faerie of the forest, who asked that further damage be prevented. She gave Baradur an acorn with which to use against Kurden should he continue to destroy the forest. When they left the forest the acorn vanished.



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