Ars Magica : Golemsburg


The party headed to the Whitespire tribunal, where they managed to survive for the first two days…with a few minor setbacks including:-

  • A scuffle between two of the party resulted in Ponderus taking on a medium wound. This was healed by nearby mages, but at a cost of vis and potential future favours.
  • The group half admitted to being the reason that the Order of Odin have started breaking their truce.
  • Golemsburg is now responsible for rekindling the truce and must do so by the next Tribunal.

Other points of interest.

  • The Urasen of the frozen north have now been given nominal protection by the Tribunal and are not to be molested. Debates about whether their shamans can become hermetic mages are still underway.
  • A diabolist was slain publically.
  • Quirina had an “interesting” night with Maugrim of Jerbiton and Eleanour of Mercere, whether this has led to the desired offspring is yet to be know.

The tribunal is winding down with a “grog tournament” where mages are unofficially encouraged to provide weird and wonderful enchancements to their grog to help them win the fight.



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