House: Tytalus
Age: 42 (appears 35)


Intelligence : +3
Perception : 0
Presence : 0
Communication: -1
Strength : 0
Stamina : +3
Dexterity: +1
Quickness: +1


Life boost
Life-linked spontaneous magic
Affinity with Corpus
Puissant corpus
Improved characteristics x 2
Rapid Convalescence
Inventive Genius
Self confident


Diabolic Past
Susceptible to abyssal power
Weak enchanter
Wrathful (major)
Oversensitive (to disrespect)
Careless Sorceror



Creo : 9 (50)
Intellego : 5 (16)
Muto : 11 (70)
Perdo : 6 (26)
Rego : 17 (170)


Animal : 11 (66)
Aquam : 6 (27)
Auram : 6 (22)
Corpus : 23 +3 (285)
Herbam : 6 (26)
Ignem : 5 (15)
Imaginem : 5 (16)
Mentem : 8 (38)
Terram : 5 (16)
Vim : 5 (15)


Athletics (Running) : 3 (30)
Brawl (Punching) : 3 (30)
English (Rude expressions) : 5 (75)
Swim (Endurance) : 2 (15)
Awareness (Alertness) : 2 (15)
Carouse (Drinking Games) : 1 (5)
Charm (First impressions) : 1 (5)
Folk Ken (Body Language) : 2 (15)
Guile (Bluffing) : 1 (5)
Artes Liberales (Rhetoric) : 1 (5)
Latin (Hermetic Terms) : 4 (50)
Concentration (Maintaining Spells) : 1 (5)
Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) : 4 (58)
Parma Magica (Corpus) : 3 (45)
Penentration (Corpus) : 1 (5)
Order of Hermes (Famous Magi) : 1 (5)
Abyssal Lore (Dark Rituals) : 2 (15)
Finesse (Corpus) 3 (40)
Faerie Lore (faerie forests) 1 (12)
Magic Lore (magical creatures) 2 (20)
Leadership (intimidation) 1 (6)

Spells Known

Bind Wound
Purification of Festering Wound
Revealed flaws of mortal form
Eyes of the cat
Disguise of the new visage
Gift of the bears fortitude
Grip of the choking hand
Curse of the unruly tongue
Spasms of the uncontrolled limb

A Flick of My Wrist

Rego Corpus 25
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
Target is flung violently in a direction that the caster indicates with the final gesture of the spell. Making them hit a precise target (e.g. a pillar) requires an Aiming roll, but flinging them in a general direction (e.g. into a wall or off a cliff) does not. If flung into a solid object they take +20 damage, possibly modified based on the surface they hit. If flung into another person, both targets take damage.
(Base 15 [move a target quickly in any direction you please], +2 Voice)

Kneel Before Me

Rego Corpus 30
R: Voice, T: Group, D: Diameter
A group of people fall to their knees as if submitting to a feudal lord, and remain motionless for the duration of the spell. After casting the spell, the caster can touch targets to release them individually before the duration expires, if the caster succeeds a Finesse roll.
(Base 5 [hold a target’s body motionless], +2 Voice, +2 Group, +1 Diameter)

The Body as an Open Tome

Intellego Corpus 20
R: Touch, T: Individual, D: Concentration
The caster can see through the subject’s clothes and mundane disguises as if they weren’t there, and can see invisible magical markers on the subject’s body that they can ‘read’ to infer non-visible information about the body. The caster can learn the subject’s physical abilities, their state of health, any wounds or diseases they’re suffering from, any non-human blood they have, any ways in which they’ve been magically transformed, any supernatural properties connected to their body, and so forth. A few seconds’ casting of the spell can reveal the most important general information, but a thorough examination takes several minutes and a subject who is either willing or restrained.
Experimentation flaw: the information flows both ways.
(Base 10 [reveal all useful information about a body], +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)

I Will Watch Over You

The caster is constantly aware of (but not distracted by) the general physical state of the target. She is immediately aware if the target is injured or in pain, and has a rough idea of how serious the injury or pain is. The spell doesn’t reveal details of what’s causing the injury, and purely mental distress can’t be detected by the spell.
Intellego Corpus 15
(Base 4 [sense general information about a body], +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Where Are You?

Intellego Corpus 15
R: Arc, T: Ind, D: Mom
Gives you a momentary sense of the direction and distance to a person to whom you have an Arcane Connection. You hold the Arcane Connection in your hand and it seems to pull towards the target, pulling more strongly the closer they are. In Quirina’s version of the spell, the pull is due to muscular spasms in the hand in which she holds the connection.
(Base 3, +4 Arc)

Arrow of My Bone

Creo (Rego) Corpus 20
Creates a sharp spike of human bone, which speeds a target within Voice range. It always hits unless magically resisted, and deals +10 damage. In Quirina’s version of the spell, the bone shard grows gruesomely from the palm of her outstretched hand.
(Base 5 [from Creo Animal guidelines], +2 Voice, +1 Rego requisite)

Transformation of the Warrior-Ant

Muto Corpus 20
R: Touch, D: Diam, T: Part
An additional pair of arms grow beneath the target’s normal arms. The arms grow with enough force to punch through normal clothing, but the spell fails if the target is wearing armour that would prevent them from appearing. The arms allow the target to attack twice in one round, or to double their Str score (or add +1 to it, whichever is greater) for tasks based on arm strength.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +1 Part)

Deep Slumber of the Wolf

Rego Animal 20
Causes an animal to fall asleep, and prevents them from waking until the next sunrise or sunset.
(Base 4 [from Rego Mentem guidelines], +2 Voice, +2 Sun)


Rego Animal 30
The same as Quirina’s spell Kneel Before Me, but affecting animals rather than humans. The animals supplicate themselves in a manner appropriate to their type.



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