Current year: 1230

Golemsburg is an aptly named covenant, for it is built around the remains of an enormous titan golem, used in a magical battle centuries ago. A summer covenant in full swing, it has recently taken on several new magi, as the elder magi rapidly approach old age or final twilight.

Golemsburg is home to many secrets, just as each of the magi clings to secrets that they dare not share.

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Recent Updates:
30/5/14 : Updated the adventure log with the last session.
17/5/14 : Updated character section with some other characters and updated Ponderus and Nattermung’s character sheets.
3/2/14 : Updated the adventure log
4/2/14 : Added in an itinerary and basic information for the upcoming Tribunal. Added in information about the elder magi as tutors in the Seasonal Activities section. Added in a brief section on Regios.

Ars Magica : Golemsburg

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