Reclusive weather mage


Birth name: Thomas Tremaine
House: Mercere
Age: 42 (30)
Warping: 2(23)
Confidence: 1(3)

Virtues and flaws

Virtues Flaws
Puissant Creo Disfigured (Scarred)
Mutantes Magic True Love (NPC)
Tamed magic Missing eye
Puissant Auram Reclusive
Affinity with Auram Lame
Inventive genius Weak magic resistance (see secrets)
Great Intelligence
Improved Characteristics
Lesser Immunity (Lightning)
Enduring magic


Intelligence +4 Perception +2
Presence 0 Communication 0
Strength -2 Stamina +2
Dexterity 0 Quickness +1



Name XP Total Score
Creo 79 12 (+3)
Intellego 23 6
Muto 60 10
Perdo 79 12
Rego 175 18


Name XP Total Score Name XP Total Score
Animal 28 7 Ignem 15 5
Aquam 27 6 Imaginem 16 5
Auram 166 17(+3) Mentem 16 5
Corpus 94 13 Terram 48 9
Herbam 20 5 Vim 98 13


Name Specialty XP Total Score
Athletics 15 2
Awareness Searching 30 3
Brawl Dodge 15 2
Charm First Impressions 15 2
English Excuses 75 5
Swim Rivers 15 2
Stealth Hide 15 2
Guile Lying 15 2
Artes Liberales Hermetic Books 5 1
Latin Writing hermetic books 50 4
Magic Theory Enchanting Items 189 8
Parma Magica Auram 50 4
Order of Hermes Lore Mercere 5 1
Code of Hermes Peripheral Code 5 1
Finesse Auram 15 2
Penetration Auram 30 3

Spells Known

Butts of rain and thunder (Boosted)
Circling winds of protection (tethered, boosted)
Broom of the winds (boosted)
Pull of the skybound winds (tethered, boosted)
Bind Wound
Shell of Opaque mysteries
Incantation of lightning (Modified to sight range via experimentation, boosted)
Become the tempest (MuCo 35 diameter, harnessed, tethered)
Fury of the heavens (CrAu 45 conc, sight, makes a tornado about 200 paces across. Can be directed. Boosted and tethered)
Castle of the winds (MuSh (Te,Re) 35) Gathers the winds to form solid structures made from wind creates something the size of a small castle.Boosted and tethered.Sun duration, voice range.

Longevity Ritual

Bonus: +9
Consumes a potion regularly that staves off the aging process.


An oak staff with the head carved into the shape of an eagle wrapped around a sphere of citrine and with pieces of fulgorite for the eyes. The oak is carved from a tree that had been struck by lightning. Copper filigree runs along it in a pattern of lightning fractals.

Enchanted with:
Jupiter’s resounding thunderclap: 6 uses per day +20 penetration
Personal flight: 12 uses per day, item maintains concentration.
Demon resistance, protects Aetherius and his talisman from any demon with a magic might less than 30.
Defend against the order. Creates a shockwave around Aetherius giving up to ten people 2 warping points and forcing twilight rolls. +40 penetration)
Ward against fire, constant effect. Normal fire does not burn Aetherius.

Attuned with: +4 Auram, +4 Controls things from a distance, +5 versus demons, +4 destroy things from a distance, +3 project bolt or other projectile.


Tempesta the Griffin

Magic might: 23

Stats: see lion.

Gold bond: 1
Silver bond: 2
Bronze bond: 3

Twilight scar: Always know what time it is.

Bond enchanted with: location, Aetherius always knows where Tempesta is.
Bond enchanted with: eyes of the cat, Aetherius can see in the dark like a cat.

Magic items

Ring of healing: +9 to recovery roles.
Ring of water breathing: allows wearer to breathe underwater.
Ring of buoyancy: allows wearer to walk on water.


Aetherius was born to a family of innkeepers and his gift did not seem to manifest until his 7th birthday when he was struck by a bolt of lightning. The lightning left him badly scarred down his right hand side, disfiguring his face and blinding his right eye. It also left him with diminished motor skills in his right leg, giving him a pronounced limp.

He was eventually discovered by a Mercere mage, who was checking in on members of the Mercere bloodline.

He studied alongside Ellinor, he to be a magus and she to be a redcap (though there is little distinction amongst Merecere). He has been travelling to covenant to covenant before settling in Golemsberg at the request of his parens (grooming him to look after Ellinor’s magic items when the parens is no longer able to).

He has brought his lab assistant Gregor with him and now occupies one of the highest towers in the covenant. He is very reclusive and focused very much on his work.

Character artwork:


Ars Magica : Golemsburg illicadius