Half-goblin thief-for-hire of magical artefacts



Intelligence +1
Perception +3
Presence -3
Communication -2
Strength -1
Stamina -1
Dexterity +3
Quickness +3

Size -2
Age 45 (but will not make aging rolls until 50)

Virtues and flaws


  • Strong Goblin Blood
  • Second Sight (free with Strong Goblin Blood)
  • Improved Characteristics
  • Puissant Stealth
  • Keen Vision
  • Sharp Ears
  • Light Touch
  • Perfect Balance
  • Magic Sensitivity


  • Dwarf
  • Enemy (the magus who hired him to steal the covenant’s book)
  • Outlaw
  • Prohibition (must obey the Golemsburg magi)


Animal Handling (dogs) 1
Local Area Lore (rich people’s houses) 1
Athletics (acrobatics) 4 (+ 6 if Perfect Balance applies)
Awareness (people looking for him) 4 (+ 3 if Keen Vision or Sharp Ears apply)
Bargain (stolen goods) 3
Brawl (dodging) 4
Carouse (telling stories) 1
Charm (first impressions) 1
Etiquette (magi) 1
Folk Ken (people in authority) 3
Guile (lying to authority) 3
Legerdemain (filching) 5 (+ 1 if Light Touch applies)
Native Language (being polite) 5
Order of Hermes Lore (valuable items) 1
Stealth (sneaking) 6 (+ 2 Puissant, + 1 from faerie blood)
Survival (urban) 1
Swim (underwater) 3
Thrown weapon (knife) 3
Faerie Lore (goblins) 2
Second Sight (invisible things) 4
Magic Sensitivity (magic traps) 5


Honourable (will not harm innocents) +3
Brave +2
Loyal (to Golemsburg) -2


Thief 2 (nobility and Order of Hermes)


Jankin is the size of a child and visibly inhuman, with large eyes, pointed ears, and greenish skin. His visible goblin blood made him an outcast in human society, but also gave him natural advantages that let him become a master thief. Beginning as a petty pickpocket, he eventually became a high-class thief-for-hire, employed by members of the nobility and the Order of Hermes to steal valuable (sometimes magical) artefacts from their rivals. He makes it a matter of pride to get in and out without being seen, and not to seriously harm innocent guards who are just doing their jobs.

Recently, an unknown maga hired Jankin (through an agent) to steal the Golemsburg covenant’s prized book on Rego, Funiculos pupa est scriptor. The elder magi of Golemsburg narrowly caught him, but, rather than kill him, Volgus decided to spare him and put him to use. Volgus forged a magical bracelet and locked it to Jankin’s wrist. Jankin must obey any orders from the Golemsburg magi (i.e. any magi who took part in the most recent Golemsburg Aegis of the Hearth) or be struck down by a wasting disease that will kill him in a few months. The curse would also trigger if he stole any valuable items from the covenant, even if not specifically ordered not to.

In addition to being bound by the bracelet, Jankin finds he must also rely on the covenant for protection: the maga who hired him to steal the book has not forgotten that he failed to fulfil her commission, and will take any opportunity for revenge.


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