The Whitespire Tribunal

The Whitespire tribunal is the tribunal that governs Golemsburg and the surrounding covenants. It is held at the Whitespire covenant itself, a mighty covenant set up in the ruins of what was once a great magical city.


The covenants that make up the tribunal are:-

Whitespire – The most powerful covenant in the region and traditional host of the tribunal.
Alexandrius – An aging winter covenant.
Golemsburg – The player’s covenant.
Gatehold – A small but influential covenant of primarily female magi, Tatiana’s sister lives here.
Dragonslanding – Considered an unstable covenant of mages, they are often the wild card at the tribunal.
Shadowfen – A martial covenant of demon hunters.
Blackrock – A spring covenant of young mages, comparatively new to the area.

Grand Tribunal 1227
Status: Upcoming


Day 1

Morning – Arrival
Noon-Early afternoon – Food provided
Afternoon – Certamen Tournament (Young mages)
Evening – Banquet and entertainment

Day 2

Morning – Religious observance
Noon-Early Afternoon – Food Provided
Afternoon-Evening – Tribunal
Late Evening – Food provided

Day 3

Morning – Free
Noon-Early Afternoon – Food provided
Afternoon-Evening – Tribunal continued
Late Evening – Food provided

Day 4

All Day – Shield Grog/Companion tournament. Food provided.

Day 5

Morning – Religious Observance
Noon- Early Afternoon – Food provided
Afternoon-Evening – Final Tribunal

Day 6

All Day – Certamen Tournament (Elder Magi)


Ars Magica : Golemsburg illicadius