Seasonal Activities

Invent a new spell.

The spells in the book are surprisingly limited, but ars magica really lets you do just about anything as long as it doesn’t break one of the limits of magic. So have a think about the sort of thing you want to do and let me know.
E.g you could create a spell to turn lies into acid that drip down the liar’s face burning them for their insolence. You could strip a person of their ability to see/touch/smell/hear leaving them trapped in a nightmarish world without sensation.

Create an enchanted item

Note that you don’t need to know a spell for the effect you want to put into the item. Ars Magica makes use of shape and materials for items, so think of it like gathering the ores needed to make armour in most games (e.g skyrim) but with cool wangy benefits. Think what you would like the item to do, go crazy.
E.g. Create a flying boat. A sword that leaps from your hands and fights the enemy for you. A wand that hurls lightning bolts at your foes.

Create a Talisman

Like a magical item, only attuned specifically to you. Makes it easier to cast certain magics and you can enchant the hell out of it to make you a god. Don’t feel it has to be anything simple either, a staff or wand is cool…but you could also have a walking tree carrying you around, or a cloak that turns you into a flock of ravens. Think of something cool.

Improve your Lab

I have the rules for adding in things which will give your labs bonuses to certain magics. Or you could make them safer so that when you botch, it won’t necessarily kill you. Particularly good if you want to experiment a lot.


Remember those limits of magic I mentioned? Well some of them are potentially just flaws in magic theory. So you could research how to break them, takes a long time but potentially makes your character immeasurably powerful.

Undergo Mysteries

Join a cult, gain power, go weird. This is more story than anything else, but it allows for a lot of strange pilgrimages and trials, that result in cool new abilities.

Find a familiar

Better to do when you have a bit more magical knowledge, but familiars not only offer a cool animal/spirit/monster to roleplay, but can also be enchanted to make you and your magus massively powerful. Get a free minor virtue related to the familiar when you do so as well.

Find an Apprentice

You should have at least 5 in all of your arts for this, but once you do you can train an apprentice. Not only will the apprentice be very useful in the lab, you are also legally allowed to experiment on them until they pass their gauntlet! It’s frowned upon mind.


Hopefully, the above will help show that you can get away with anything really. My aim is to accommodate what you want out of the game, so if there’s anything you can thing of that you would like to see, let me know and I’ll start engineering it. Just make sure it’s fun for everyone involved.

Note, that the elder magi can train you in the magical skills. Tatiana is a particularly good teacher and can provide 20xp a season if she is teaching an individual student. She can train you in Magic Theory, Parma Magica and all of the arts up to a given value. The first few seasons are generally offered with a relatively minor task, but after that she will task you with a more serious issue.

Seasonal Activities

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